The Blog, a Company Promotion Tool

  • Luminita Emanoil Faculty of Communication Sciences


In the paper „Blog, a company promotion tool†we aim to study the blog as a form of corporate communication with a role in promoting the company`s image. By the emergence of Web Reality 2.0., companies have sought to diversify and improve their corporate communication, in order to deliver messages with a strong impact on their audience, to create interaction techniques, to evaluate performances through digital media but, most importantly, they have sought to build a community of consumers for both services and / or company products, as well as digital information consumers. In this paper, we are bringing into discussion, first of all, several comparisons between different types of company blogs, in order to observe the communication objectives, the type of content, the frequency of posts, the authors, the pages, the categories, the tags, the followers` opinions, the interaction with the followers. Secondly, we are highlighting a quantitative analysis by creating an online questionnaire addressed to managers/public relations representatives, HR departments, marketing, PR, management, leaders/directors of an organization, suggesting a personalized blog idea for service promotion and / or the company's products if the company does not already have a blog and closely analyzing the results, the changes occurred assuming that the company already has a blog. Therefore, I consider this to be a present-day topic, a paper highlighting the communication techniques used in the blogosphere, with the role of increasing the efficiency of company promotion and creating consumer communities.

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