Discourse Strategies. Pathemisation through Digital Media.

  • Madalina Albu SC
  • Luminita Emanoil Faculty of Communication Sciences


Currently, young graduates face the wrong mentality of the employers according to which a large experience represents a criterion compulsory for employment in any field. We, the Y generation, have felt the negative effects of the preconceived ideas that the employers have in this respect. However, we, the Y generation, have also decided not to accept this situation, but we have chosen to fight back. Thus, this article focuses upon this topic, respectively upon the relation between the large volume of knowledge and the lack of experience regarding the employment of young graduates. Thus, we, the Master's Degree students at the Faculty of
Communication Sciences, the Communication, Public Relations and Digital Media specialization, have drawn up the ideas for an information campaign or maybe for a campaign focused upon changing the employer's attitude. The campaign is based on a video meant to generate awareness among the large employers regarding the advantages of young graduates, such as vast knowledge, energy and courage, and good
technology knowledge. The video is meant to show that young people are prepared to get employed and are willing to develop professionally as much as possible. For this campaign, we have used knowledge regarding the development of messages (studied in the classes "Principles and Strategies of Discourse" and "Written and Oral Communication"), and technical knowledge (studied within the "Digital media"

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